Oxygen for Athletes: Supercharge your Stamina with MyOxy!
15 Jan 2019

“The heart is a muscle just like any other, and as you age, you lose some strength,”

-Dr. Jordan Metzl, author of The Young Athlete: A Sports Doctor’s Complete Guide for Parents.

For most men, their stamina is at its peak at age 31 or 32. But in the next five years, their aerobic capacity declines and their body’s ability to extract oxygen from your blood diminishes.

Some physicians have ridiculed the usage of pure oxygen, stating that athletes can recover perfectly well by breathing regular air, i.e. 21% atmospheric oxygen. So, few researchers formally compared the two. But evidence states that breathing the pure gas might provide players with an extra edge.

Athletes are well aware that cellular respiration is required for aerobic exercise. You breathe in oxygen, which travels to your muscles via your bloodstream, where it combines with the stored glucose creating ATP,  which is your body’s primary energy source. Although for the production of ATP, both oxygen and glucose are required, oxygen is limiting resource in this process.

When we start running out of oxygen, we enter an anaerobic phase of the exercise, resulting in the production of lactic acid, which in turn diminishes the body energy, and the central nervous system limits your ability to push your muscles any further. This results in both cardiovascular and muscular fatigue.

Nothing’s new about loading your body with specific compounds prior to workouts. Endurance athletes have been carbo-loading (a process of loading your bodies with carbs) for decades. Athletes increase their glycogen stores by eating huge plates of pasta in the few days before a race, providing them with additional fuel for energy production during the race. Bodybuilders do the same with products like creatine to help increase their muscle pumps and strength.

Oxygen loading is a similar concept. It’s a secure and natural way to help produce additional energy for your body, without any additives, extra calories, or side effects. Since oxygen is metabolized quickly by the body, oxygen loading should take place just minutes before or during exercise to be fruitful.

How does breathing pure oxygen help athletes?

This method of oxygen loading before and/or during exercise might increase your power output and fight fatigue; allowing your body to maintain higher levels of performance for quite a long time, hence, delaying the production of lactic acid, and theoretically increasing your body’s ATP reserves.

MyOxy provides you with this extra boost of energy in form of pure oxygen which ensures that you give your best. It instantly increases the oxygen level in your blood and helps to restore normalcy in brain and body functions.

There’s literally no performance enhancer which is as simple and effective as oxygen. Just using it once is enough to blow your mind!



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