Oxygen Cylinders vs Portable Oxygen Cans
18 Jan 2019

Oxygen cylinders are usually found in hospitals. They are about 5 feet tall (1.5 metres), very similar to the large helium cylinders you may have spotted when you have bought a helium balloon as a child. These cylinders are pressurized to 200 bar or 2,900 psi, which is 100 times more than your car tyre and contains around 200 litres. No doubt, this product is considered as hazardous!

Uses: Used by hospitals, patients at home and welders

Oxygen Cylinder

Portable oxygen cans are a smaller version of oxygen cylinders, only safer and easy to use. Portable cans can be used anytime and anywhere, thanks to their compact size. A portable oxygen tank, roughly the size of a large hairspray, contains between 90% to 100% oxygen holding between 5 litres to 10 litres of pure oxygen. Sometimes used with a mouthpiece or plastic mask to fit over the mouth. It is very easy to use. The oxygen is compressed in the cans to about 12 bar or 175 psi, which is around 5 times more than your car tyre.

Uses: Can be used for headaches, altitude training, hangovers, curing breathlessness, thinking more quickly & with better clarity, curing jet lag or just when feeling fatigued.

How does MyOxy can become your saviour?

  • It instantly increases the oxygen level in the blood and helps to restore brain and body functions to the normal
  • Respiratory aid: In various applications causing breathlessness due to Asthma, C.O.P.D, Hypoxia, Hypoxemia, Emphysema and many more, MyOxy helps to recover and maintain the body’s oxygen level which is severely deteriorated due to medical conditions by acting as a supplement
  • Emergencies: Useful for any medical emergency like heart attack, stroke etc or even while waiting for an ambulance
  • Air pollution: Myoxy helps to protect against air pollution as pollution lowers the level of oxygen in our blood
  • High altitude: It helps instantly give relief for headaches and nausea caused due to low oxygen levels at higher altitudes
  • Sports: During heavy exercise (as in sports), oxygen level drops substantially leading to fatigue. MyOxy helps in increasing stamina, endurance, alertness and concentration levels, reduces stress levels, and improves memory

How to use your CAN of MyOxy?

  1. Plug the mask in the spray nozzle
  2. Place mask over your nose and mouth
  3. Press the trigger firmly and inhale deeply
  4. For best results, hold the oxygen in lungs temporarily before exhaling


Get some breathing space with Myoxy portable can

MyOxy provides pure oxygen I.P(99%) in a completely safe, light-weight, leak-proof, easy to carry and disposable can

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