How to plan a more safe & joyful Diwali for your kids
03 Oct 2019

Diwali is one of the biggest and most celebrated festival in India. The preparations start many weeks in advance with decluttering and cleaning of the house. People decorate their houses with lights, candles and diyas in anticipation of Goddess Lakshmi to visit their homes during this auspicious occasion. It is a festival of food, light and joy. It is also a festival with most number of accidents due to fire and pollution. For parents it becomes a reason of concern to ensure a happy and bright Diwali for your kids.

Diwali celebrations can never be perfect without lighting firecrackers. However much you try to explain your kids the importance of environment and not to light crackers, they will do it eventually. 

No matter how busy you are always keep a watch on your child while he is bursting crackers with his friends. Being careful not only helps avoid serious injuries and accidents during the festival, but it also keeps everyone safe and maintains the zest of the festivity. In this blog we are listing some ways to make Diwali even brighter for your family:

Crackers and Fire: Let us start with crackers; the foremost cause of excitement and accidents. So, it is always important, not to compromise with the quality and buy the premium quality fireworks from licensed shops. The best way would be to learn that there are harmful effects of crackers on the environment, so make sure that you buy crackers as minimum as possible. Now, when already bought them, make sure lightning them at open spaces like ground or terrace. Not to forget, the fireworks should be done only under the presence of parents and only from a safe distance.

The last, but not the least thing to be considered is the dressing. No doubt, Diwali is a festival of dressing up in new clothes with fabrics like silk or synthetic, but ensure that you wear cotton outfits while playing with fireworks. The reason being, cotton holds the minimum risk of catching the fire.

We know, it is easy to panic and difficult to be smart at critical situations. But do not ever lose your conscious, in case any accident occurs, instead, wash the area with cool water and rush to the nearest hospital and do not try to implement the home remedy.

Environment: While lighting crackers and fireworks, we completely forget that we are eventually polluting the same environment in which our kids are going to breathe. Encourage your kids towards a cracker free Diwali. Try and minimize the effects of pollution by reducing cracker consumption and replacing the same by introducing some fun Diwali games to your kids. Also using oxygen cans during this time of the year can be helpful for people suffering from respiratory problems to reduce the effects of pollution. Introduce your kids to portable oxygen cans such as MyOxy and it’s benefits. It should be available first aid kit everywhere to avoid breathlessness and other effects of air pollution and smog.

Be considerate towards others: While celebrating festivals we submerge ourselves so much into our own activities that we forget about others completely. Try to be considerate about infants, elderly and pets as the noise pollution can be particularly harmful for them. Also, the pollution during this time period can cause different health issues such as allergies, breathing problems and asthma in infants. To avoid this, keep a first aid kit handy with supplies such as bandages, anti allergic and oxygen cans.

This Diwali, pledge for a healthier environment by using less crackers and light more joyful diyas for a happier festive season.



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