MyOxy: Your Travel Essential for High Altitude Trek
29 Jun 2019

“The Mountains are calling, and I must go” 

Mountains are awe-inspiring. They represent nature in its rawest, largest and most fantastic form. If you are a hiker or a mountain lover and get the feeling of achievement after reaching the top, you’d know how addictive mountains are. Planning a trekking trip to high altitudes of Himalayas to escape the hectic city life and relax among the picturesque surroundings can be a great thrill. But it can also bring in lots of health issues, especially shortness of breath. 

As we all know that with the increase in altitude, the level of oxygen in the air decreases, which can become a little challenging for some people. Having said this, we didn’t mean that there is an end of the world for all the adventure lovers. If you are planning to do some high-altitude trekking with your friends, MyOxy can be the perfect partner for you.

Here are a few reasons that make MyOxy your travel essential for high altitude treks like Leh and Ladakh, Spiti, Kheerganga, etc. or even if you are going on a pilgrimage to Shri Amarnath, Shri Kedarnath, etc, especially if you have a lung or heart condition.

FDA Approved Medicinal Grade Pure Oxygen

MyOxy provides India’s first FDA approved Medicinal Grade Pure Oxygen I.P. 99% in lightweight and safe disposable can. In the high altitude, as the air becomes thin, the oxygen level reduces significantly causing the breathing problem. MyOxy will elevate your trekking experience in a safe and healthy way by providing the necessary oxygen you need for breathing. When you’re trekking at altitude above 5000 feet, breathing MyOxy will help in balancing the negative effects of high altitude, making you feel rejuvenated.

Reduces the effects of high altitude

When you’re in a high-altitude location, the atmospheric pressure causes air molecules to expand, therefore each breath you take holds fewer oxygen molecules. MyOxy’s portable oxygen can provides a solution to this problem by instantaneously delivering pure enriched oxygen to your body and let you enjoy activities like biking or trekking with your loved ones. When your body is acclimatizing to a higher elevation without the appropriate concentration of oxygen, you may suffer from shortness of breath, mental fogginess, tiredness, or may even find difficulty in breathing while you’re at rest. So, to make your trip memorable and to ward off the effects of acute mountain sickness, make sure to carry your portable oxygen can.

Restores mental balance and alertness

When ascending to higher altitudes, your body needs time to adapt to the decreased oxygen levels and you may experience some symptoms of altitude sickness. Especially while trekking to high mountains, your body needs lots of energy, stamina, and mental alertness. By offering an ample amount of oxygen, Myoxy helps in restoring the body’s depleted oxygen levels to normal and provides energy, stamina and mental alertness. So, to maximize your thrill, don’t forget to carry it with yourself. 

Speedy muscle recovery

To give an instant lift to your energy and stamina, take your bottle of Myoxy. It will help in preventing pain after vigorous physical exertion and accelerate the muscle recovery process by restoring the depleted oxygen level in the bloodstream. So, get that extra oxygen you need as you surmount more heights in your trekking with this easy to use, lightweight and safe oxygen can.

Enhanced athletic performance at higher altitude

It is said that the best view comes after the hardest climb and to achieve that you need a fit body, an alert mind, and enhanced stamina. When trekking to altitudes 5,000 feet above sea level, your body needs supplemental oxygen to climb quickly. It is where MyOxy Can offer a solution. It helps you go further and pushes your athletic performance to a higher level by improving stamina and endurance. Supplementing body with oxygen can also help in bolstering the energy and in reducing stress.

Light Weight and Easy to Use

To prevent the mild and acute symptoms of high-altitude sickness, taking a lightweight, easy to carry MyOxy portable oxygen can on a trek is the best thing you can do. Keep it in your bag pocket and enjoy your trek to the fullest by never running out of breath and energy. You don’t need any help to use MyOxy, all you have to do is just place your chin on the surface of the mask and press the trigger with your hand or chin. Using portable oxygen can on a trek is one of the best ways to recover from breathlessness and acute mountain sickness caused by the high altitude. 

So, enjoy every height you conquer and make the most of your adventure by including MyOxy in your travel essentials. We believe that lack of oxygen should not limit you from living the high life- undertaking adventurous trekking or religious pilgrimage. The use and the effects of MyOxy varies depending on the person physical health, medical condition, altitude etc. If you have any prevailing medical conditions, like heart problems, breathing issues, asthma or diabetes, do consult your doctor before traveling. 

Note: If you have any type of health or medical illness, we suggest you consult your physician before using MyOxy. It can only help in overcoming a few symptoms of high-altitude sickness. It is advisable that anybody suffering from acute altitude sickness should take immediate medical assistance. MyOxy is only advised to be taken for recreational and intermittent use, not to be taken as medical or life-saving products. Read the instructions carefully before using.

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