Diwali gift ideas to buy for family and friends in 2019
18 Oct 2019

Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Think blingy lights, colourful decorations, yummy sweets and more importantly, lots and lots of gifts! From younger to older, everybody loves the festival of lights and sweets. The festival marks the victory of good over evil and hope over despair.

But, it also means showing your love and appreciation towards your loved ones by giving away gifts. We all know, it is a tiresome task and have thus, curated a list of Diwali gift ideas which you can definitely give away to your folks this Diwali!

Personalized Handmade gifts: Who doesn’t love a pack of homemade chocolates specially made for them or a bar of handcrafted soap which smells divine. Instead of regular gifts such as sweets and dry fruits, go for handmade options and let your creative side take over. You can make handmade diyas, soaps, chocolates, paintings and cakes along with other items. In case you can’t find time to make handmade gifts on your own, there are plenty of customized gifts available in the market that give you the personalized gifting options without the hassle of making one yourself.

Subscription services: A unique yet extremely useful gift is a free subscription.It can be a magazine, streaming services, courses and special skills etc, there are subscriptions for pretty much any hobby or interest you can think of. Getting a free Netflix subscription for say six months will definitely cheer up your loved ones!

Environment friendly gifts: When everyone is busy bursting crackers and polluting the environment, gifting someone a sapling is not only mindful but also unique. You can gift plantable seeds, saplings of big trees or even cute little bonsai plants according the space the other person has. Some good trees for bonsai include Juniper, pines, spruces, cedars, magnolia, elms and oaks. Most bonsai are grown for outdoor environments using temperate climate trees.

MyOxy Pure Oxygen Can: Last but not the least, although Diwali is  the time of festivities and joy, one must not forget that people with medical conditions, small kids and elderly can face difficulty in breathing due to the increased pollution levels. A gift like MyOxy portable oxygen can might not be conventional but is most useful for anyone. Gift your loved one the freedom of safe and clean breathe and increase their joy altogether. When feeling dizzy or breathless or even coughing fits that we get during Diwali pollution, few puffs of MyOxy can provide the much needed relief.

So go ahead and choose some unusual but mindful gifting ideas this Diwali and give your sweets a break. We are sure you will stand out of the crowd for gifting such items.

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